What is the best sample site on my animal?

What is the best sample site on my animal?

We are often asked which site is more appropriate to use - midside or pinbone. The site, in our opinion, is not as important as the manner in which you take the sample. It is necessary to take the sample from the same site with the same length of wool and mark the sample bag clearly.

Midside will give you the closest result to the average micron of the animal, although the pinbone is easier to take, in most cases it will give you a stronger result which is not correlated to the midside. Results from midside to pinbone may vary from zero to plus 2 microns.
Sampling size can also assist us. With micron only testing, we need roughly what you can squeeze into a coffee cup (or a 7oz glass). If you also require a yield test we require slightly more wool, about what you can squeeze into a coffee mug (or middy glass). We also prefer micron only testing to be in paper bags and yield samples in plastic bags. Riverina Wool Testers supply these bags at no charge, please email or ring for these sample bags to be posted to you.
To help improve sampling and testing times we have listed some items that are not required when using sample bags which can slow down sampling and testing procedures. We would appreciate that you do not use:
  • Knots
  • Sticky Tape
  • Staples
  • Rubber bands
  • Ties
  • Pencil when marking bags
By not using the above we hope to improve turnaround times and help keep test fees down. We also suggest that details on sample bags are clearly labelled with a permanent marker or by using barcode stickers provided by RWT.
By using Riverina Wool Testers sampling bags (which are provided free of charge), applying a simple fold to seal the bag ensures that each wool sample will not fall out and risk being lost.


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